Test automation is a service that automates the manual regression tests conducted during the integration and acceptance testing stages of a web site release.

It's an easy-to-use service that helps customers avoid the reputation-damaging outages to their sites, often caused by project or maintenance releases.

Customers can kick off hundreds of tests at a convenient time out of hours and obtain the results in hours instead of weeks, freeing up valuable time for resolution and further testing.


This approach has several benefits, including:

  • Running more tests more frequently and at a dramatically lower cost leads to higher quality and predictability.
  • Testers are freed up to focus on the more satisfying and productive job of unconvering new bugs.
  • Reports are generated automatically with summaries and screenshots of every step.
  • Tests can be run out of hours and the results ready for analysis when testers arrive to work the next day.
  • Problem isolation is simpler, leading to accountability and faster resolution.
  • It's so easy that non-testers can get involved in testing and produce a higher quality product.


Testers record their manual tests using a free screen casting tool whilst verbally explaining what they're validating. These videos are then given to a Test Automation developer to write the tests. These are sent back to customers as a complete test harness in a single file that can be run on a double-click on most corporate machines. A full set of reports, including screenshots, is generated on each run. Manual testers can run the automated tests as many times as they like.

Using the Test Automation service doesn't require any change to the way testers work, it simply reduces the repetition and monotony of manual regression testing, freeing up testers to invent new tests. Test Automation does the monkey work by automating regression tests letting the testers do the brain work and utilise the skills they were hired for.

For customers wanting to build their in-house automation skills, the source code for their tests are provided free of charge and remain their property at all times. This provides the perfect learning tool for those customers who want to become self-sufficient.


Getting started is easy and requires no software purchases or training. Contact us to discuss your test automation needs.